Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Did you see the man holding the sobbing child in Damascus on tonight's MSNBC's news program by Brian Williams highlighting the suffering of children in Syria‬?

How could you heart not be affected?  

As much as it tears my heart I have the honor of doing the same...and then playing with some of those very sad children. 

And I do it with so many of you behind me because it's your aid that comes with me. THANK YOU. 

Let's keep spreading the news and shame the international leaders into action on behalf of the innocent children of Syria!!


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1,258 Syrians entered Jordan in a 24 hour period on Monday 3.3.14

I'm heading back to Jordan in two weeks with SCM Medical Missions. I hadn't checked on the number of refugees that have been entering the country of recent so decided to do so. 

A total of 1,258 Syrians entered Jordan in a 24 hour period on Monday.

Jordan is smaller than the state of Indiana and has about 6 million inhabitants - about the same as Indiana.

There are now over 600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan heading towards a million by the end of the year. Can you imagine the state of Indiana growing by a million in a year and a half?????

The NEED IS IMMENSE. Thanks to all who help.

If you are interested in helping here's one of many ways: