Sunday, December 15, 2013

11 Residential Districts in Aleppo city pounded by Assad Regime

Post by Dr. Abdulghani Sankari, 12.15.13, posted with permission:

Dear friends, 

Today is one of worst days on civilians in Aleppo city where my family still live in. Barrels of nails and TNT were thrown from military helicopters all day on 11 residential districts in Aleppo city (attached photo) resulting severe injuries and several dozens civilians killed including at least 12 children. The surgeons and ICU doctors are overwhelmed calling for help as they see people dying from their wounds and cannot do anything as all operating rooms are full. Dr Ammar Zakaria one of few anesthesiologists in Syria said today to Telegraph "what is happening in Aleppo is a massacre, my Intensive care unit is full of children" who is also part of ‪#‎Aleppo‬ City Medical Council

As American citizens we should ask the administration for not only disarming the chemical weapons as the killing continue using other ugly ways that are considered crimes against humanity by all means. With skepticism starting to loom about Geneva 2 before it is even started I suggest to request the following proposals to congress: 

1- Asking our administration to demand from Russia and other Syria regime allies to put pressure on Assad to stop immediately these massacres and human rights violations. 

2- To put pressure on neighboring countries Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq to control their borders with Syria to stop extremists from entering Syria including Hizballah, and ISIS . 

3- To put more pressure on the regime by more sanctions on every one involved in these crimes and refer them to the international criminal court. 

4- To demand humanitarian corridors to deliver aids and winterization items as a bitter cold weather just started to kill people. 

5- To ask our administration to work with moderate opposition and support them before it is too late. Extremists are taking over opposition controlled areas and that pose a national security risk for United States and allies in the region.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Syrian Revolution and Mother Justice

One man declares that a freedom fighter is a terrorist and look at the hell it creates. Nelson Mandela is an example. I can not imagine spending 27 years in jail for my beliefs. But he did – over a third of his life. He was on a ‘terror’ watch list for years. Yet he became the father of an era free of apartheid and the President of the very country for which he worked as a freedom fighter tirelessly and a great cost.

When a man (or men) in a state of denial uses words to decry something right as wrong, Mother Justice eventually steps in and sets all straight.

There are similarities in Syria. Innocent non-violent protestors were fired upon, raped, tortured and imprisoned and the hell continues – affecting so many innocents. Freedom fighters have been labeled as terrorist by their psychopathic genocidal leader. Be assured that Mother Justice’s wheels are turning and all will be set straight in her time.