Sunday, December 15, 2013

11 Residential Districts in Aleppo city pounded by Assad Regime

Post by Dr. Abdulghani Sankari, 12.15.13, posted with permission:

Dear friends, 

Today is one of worst days on civilians in Aleppo city where my family still live in. Barrels of nails and TNT were thrown from military helicopters all day on 11 residential districts in Aleppo city (attached photo) resulting severe injuries and several dozens civilians killed including at least 12 children. The surgeons and ICU doctors are overwhelmed calling for help as they see people dying from their wounds and cannot do anything as all operating rooms are full. Dr Ammar Zakaria one of few anesthesiologists in Syria said today to Telegraph "what is happening in Aleppo is a massacre, my Intensive care unit is full of children" who is also part of ‪#‎Aleppo‬ City Medical Council

As American citizens we should ask the administration for not only disarming the chemical weapons as the killing continue using other ugly ways that are considered crimes against humanity by all means. With skepticism starting to loom about Geneva 2 before it is even started I suggest to request the following proposals to congress: 

1- Asking our administration to demand from Russia and other Syria regime allies to put pressure on Assad to stop immediately these massacres and human rights violations. 

2- To put pressure on neighboring countries Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq to control their borders with Syria to stop extremists from entering Syria including Hizballah, and ISIS . 

3- To put more pressure on the regime by more sanctions on every one involved in these crimes and refer them to the international criminal court. 

4- To demand humanitarian corridors to deliver aids and winterization items as a bitter cold weather just started to kill people. 

5- To ask our administration to work with moderate opposition and support them before it is too late. Extremists are taking over opposition controlled areas and that pose a national security risk for United States and allies in the region.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Syrian Revolution and Mother Justice

One man declares that a freedom fighter is a terrorist and look at the hell it creates. Nelson Mandela is an example. I can not imagine spending 27 years in jail for my beliefs. But he did – over a third of his life. He was on a ‘terror’ watch list for years. Yet he became the father of an era free of apartheid and the President of the very country for which he worked as a freedom fighter tirelessly and a great cost.

When a man (or men) in a state of denial uses words to decry something right as wrong, Mother Justice eventually steps in and sets all straight.

There are similarities in Syria. Innocent non-violent protestors were fired upon, raped, tortured and imprisoned and the hell continues – affecting so many innocents. Freedom fighters have been labeled as terrorist by their psychopathic genocidal leader. Be assured that Mother Justice’s wheels are turning and all will be set straight in her time.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Assad thugs DETAIN & TORTURE INFANT & CHILDREN from Daraa!!

Ramtha clinic – SCM Medical Mission – November 2013

I'm just back from volunteering with Syrian refugees in Jordan in collaboration with SCM's Medical Missions. I'll be sharing stories and photos. Here's the first and most horrible. 

Words don't come easy when listening to experiences like the one I'm going to share. You'd think it would get easier but it doesn't. My heart literally stopped beating for a few seconds as I was listening to Dr. Hamed Albiek translate the story this mother was telling us...I swear my heart stopped beating.

A Mom and her three children from Daraa, Syria - two boys ages 4 and 7 and an infant - came into the clinic in Ramtha.

Her husband is in the FSA (Free Syrian Army) fighting the brutal Assad regime. In order to find his whereabouts (as if the Mom would know EXACTLY where her husband was fighting) the Assad regime ARRESTED CHILDREN - her two week old infant, and her two other sons, as well as her mother-in-law and her sister-in-laws. You read that right.

The two boys were tortured and the Mom showed us scars on the back of the neck of the middle son from cigarettes the soldiers used the burn them. Unbelievably still, Assad’s thugs put heroin in the infant’s formula. 

The three children were imprisoned for three months. Mom went to the UN and other organizations in an effort to get help getting her family back - especially her children. She got the attention of Al Arabiyaa TV who interviewed her. With that and the help of the UN she got her children released on the condition that she leave Syria. But her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are still imprisoned. Prayers for their safety for I can not imagine the horrors that likely are being visited upon them.

The two older brothers are now understandably acting out. The older brother accidentally punctured the left eye of the younger brother with a Sharpie while they were fighting. This amazingly strong woman - who took on the Assad regime to get her kids back and was successfully in doing so - was now looking for psychological support for her tortured children. Thanks to SCM's Medical Missions they will get it.

Monday, September 9, 2013

US Position on Syria = Change Central

News from GP, Global World network.

I'm confused. First the US is outraged by Assad's use of chemical weapons. War drum beating happened building into a crescendo in a weeks time. 

All to be deflated on a Saturday by the POTUS saying he'd wait for a vote from Congress this week. 

Then whirl wind meeting with members of Congress in the interim. 

Then massive news interviews today - likely the most in one day ever by a President. 

And on my way home from picking up medical supply donations I hear that Congress WON'T vote on Wednesday????? I'm so confused. 

Signing out until the next hairpin turn, this is GP.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dr. Zaher Sahloul on the CW Attacks in Syria

There are still some people who believe that the chemical weapon massacre in Ghouta was not perpetrated by Assad regime! Some believe that it was done by the rebels themselves to fool the "West" so it come to their aid. Some believe that it was a plot that was orchestrated by Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Some believe that it is the US that has manufactured that massacre in order to intervene and base its intervention on fabricated evidence. Some believe that the number of those died in the massacre is much less than the reported 1429, and that it is only few hundreds. Some believe that the rebels have killed their children and families to lure the US in order to attack Assad. Some believe that it is Iran, Israel and the US who have orchestrated this plan against "us". And of course, Bothaina Shaaban believes that the children who were killed were children brought from the villages in Latakia by the rebels in trucks to the Ghouta area that has been under suffocating siege for the past year.

Ok, let us consider these options. If the regime is not responsible for the chemical weapons attacks in East and west Ghouta, let us imagine how it would, or should, have reacted and compare that to what actually happened?
1.     The regime should have held a press conference next day blaming the attack on the rebels, the terrorists, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as it has done after Khan Alassal CWA attack in Aleppo in April 2013. This is a great chance for the regime to discredit the rebels once and for all. Instead the regime denied the attack completely as if it did not happen for the first 3 days.

2. SANA and Aldonya and Alakhbareyya would have had seized the moment and had continuous coverage of the massacre by the terrorists and blaming it on Alnusra. Instead there were very minimal or no reporting on the attacks. There were no reporting to blame the rebels until 3 days after the massacre with the stupid coverage of barrels of chemicals that were found somewhere and Syrian army personnel wearing masks. 

3. Syrian TV and its affiliates would have continuous coverage of the victims and their families and how they condemn the rebels and Islamists who committed this heinous crime. Instead the TV had not even one interview of children and families who live 20 minutes from the center of Damascus.

4. The Syrian Ministry of health and all ministries would have announced disaster area and implemented a contingency plan in Damascus hospitals on chemical weapons decontamination and how to deal with potential future attacks by the rebels. The plan would have included training of doctors on dealing with CWA, stocking up hospitals with antidotes and protective gears and educating the public on what to do when the terrorists fire the next chemical weapon barrel. Instead not one hospital in the areas under the regime control including military hospitals have done anything to prepare against such disaster. Let us bare in mind that the first chemical weapon attack blamed on the rebels according to the Syrian regime happened in April in Khan Alasal in Aleppo!

5. The regime would welcomed instant investigation by the UN team that is only 20 minutes away from the fabricated attack. Instead the UN investigators were only allowed after the threat of military strike was clear.

6. The regime would have preserved the "evidence" that will show to the world that Israel and Saudi Arabia and Alqaeeda committed an attack with WMD. Instead the regime fighter jets and artillery continued bombing the area for 5 consecutive days after August 21 as if they want to erase any evidence remained.

6. Assad would have appeared on Syrian TV next day addressing the Syrian people about the heinous crime committed by the terrorists and declaring national day of mourning and conveying his heartfelt sympathies to the children who were killed and their families ( whether they were from Latakia or Ghouta). Instead Assad's first interview was to Russian newspaper about one week after the massacre after the threat of military strike became reality. 

7. Assad would have denied in clear terms that the regime or its troops have ordered or committed the chemical weapon attack. Instead SANA and Assad used vague statements initially like " It is political suicide to commit such massacre while the UN team is in Damascus" or " It is not logical for us to do it" or " We would not need to use chemical weapons because we don't need them to beat the rebels". 

Now any reasonable person after reading this piece will be convinced that the regime is the culprit for the chemical weapon attack that lead to the death of 1429 people including 426 children, except those who chose not to.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Chicago Pulmonary Specialist and President, Syrian American Medical Society

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Syria and the 4 Geneva Conventions

There were 4 Geneva Conventions - the set of universally ratified "rules of war" governing the conduct of armed forces and protecting non-combatants- the results of which the world powers agreed to abide by in times of war. 

Who is to enforce the rulings to be sure warring parties are abiding by these Conventions???

The Red Cross in July of 2011 declared the obvious: that Syria is engaged in a civil war. This declaration was imperative because that statement proved the crossing of an international legal threshold and the Syrian regime (and all others) would now be held to the Geneva Conventions.

We all know THERE IS NO international body in Syria monitoring events, assuring that civilians are protected and that medical facilities and personnel are protected. We know the Syrian regime is actively and consciously targeting civilians, children, that 50% of the countries hospitals have been destroyed effectively destroying the medical infrastructure of a COUNTRY, etc. I could go on and on. 

The United Nations, the Arab League, the International Red Cross, and the super powers of the world are complicit in what is happening in Syria for all sit by, watch and are not stopping the horrors that are occurring. I continue to be heartbroken, to plead that something be done, and do my entirely small almost immeasurable part in trying to alleviate suffering. 


Photo courtesy of Mohamad Ojjeh. Taken July 2013, Camp Zeitouna, Refugee Camp, Atmeh, Syria

Friday, March 15, 2013

Video - Beginning of the Syrian Revolution March 18, 2011

Video footage of the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Protests in Daraa resulted in Syrian regime soldiers firing upon and capture of protesters.

Syrian revolution beginning & today

Syrian youth’s response to the Arab Spring in Daraa unknowingly sparked the beginning of the Syrian revolution. The graffiti on the building and wall in this picture are slogans written by a number of youth that translate "The people want the fall of the regime". 15 year old teens - inspired by events in Tunisia & Egypt and after years of oppression - wrote those words. Despite their tender age, they were arrested & subjected to torture for several weeks by Assad regime security services. Families, friends and other citizens of Daraa came out in droves to protest. 

March 18, 2011, during peaceful protests, regime security forces fired on the massive, peacefully protesting crowds resulting in the first murders by the regime. The violent, explosive response by the government to peaceful protesting caused more Syrians to protest and soon spread through cities all over Syria. Two years later, over 71,000 deaths, hundreds of thousands detained, 1.2 million refugees scattered throughout the Middle East and at least 2.5 million internally displaced and the world still watches and allows the Assad regime to snipe, murder, bomb and torture his people. 

When will humanity mature and demand that violence enacted by a government against the majority of its people not be tolerated? We’ve seen this happen in other parts of the globe and in our not so distant past…yet it continues… 

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it -- always.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Resilient, resourceful women at Zaatari Syrian refugee camp

Look at these resilient, resourceful women. They are Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp in Mafraq, Jordan. With support they've formed a women's knitting & crocheting cooperative to help support their families! I was honored to be able to sit and talk with them.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Syria - Why do I care?

Because of my deep passion for the Syrian situation I have been repeatedly asked if I have a Syrian background, have loved ones in Syria or if I once lived there. The answer to each of those questions is no. 

I love people and abhor injustice. What is happening in Syria (and other countries) is beyond unjust. We live in a time when we should have matured beyond our current limited global political development. We should not stand for a leader of a country imprisoning, torturing, sniping, bombing and targeting civilians with SCUD missiles. Spiritual and moral bankruptcy is all that comes to mind.

Quantum physics shows that we are all one. What separates us are our beliefs, egos and fears. Nothing physical. What patch of the earth we are born on doesn’t change our human status.

We are humans first above all else. There’s so much more that binds us than separates us. We are global citizens of planet earth. When one human suffers we all suffer. How one can especially view children being sniped, tortured, bombed, and in agony and not be moved is beyond my comprehension.

Syrians are some of the most loving people I have ever met. They are my sisters and brothers. What happens to them happens to me. That is the foundation of my passion.

Gina Panzieri

In collaboration with:

Syrian American Medical Society

Monday, February 18, 2013

Video Documentary of Syrian American Medical Society's impact 2012

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) has made an amazing impact on the lives of so many suffering Syrians. I am honored to share with you the video documenting some of that impact. This was released at SAMS 2nd Annual Conference Gala Dinner in Tampa, Florida  Saturday evening 2.16.13.

After watching I ask of you two things: (1) please consider how you can help in this desperate situation? (2) And then email me so we can work together and make a difference. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Syrian American Medical Society, P.O. Box 1015, Canfield, OH  44406    330.286.0325

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recently released Khitam Benyan talks of horrors in Assad regime prison

"22 days have passed after my release from detention and I feel so hysterical, questions never stop in my mind, memories of the people I met in prison never leave me..Everyone is telling me you will forget and you will adapt, but no I shall never forget what I saw inside those horrible prisons of the regime.

I shall never forget ( Um Tayim a 25 woman) who was called for the captain’s office at midnight to return back in a total shock after being brutally raped twice. I shall never ever forget the tears on her face nor her calling Allah to help her.

I shall never forget ( Muna Al Wadi)’s face when they told her she is going to be executed tomorrow at 10 o’clock.
I shall never forget the voice of (Ala’a Kayyal) the 20 years old girl, when she asked me to check her back after coming from a torture session.

I shall never ever forget the shivering nor the trembling of ( Elham) when she had an epileptic seizure, and the guards mocking her and accusing her of performing a role.

I shall never forget ( Thana’a Al Hasan) a 45 years old woman when she had a stroke and she couldn’t breathe, we called the guards and we screamed hardly but no one responded, I shall never ever in my life forget her tears going down like a river crying for her children and because she was dying without being able to see them.
Tell me, how can I ever forget those people and lead a normal life while most of them are still in the dark cells..Their faces, their pain and their screams are haunting me..

They are alive but in fact they are not..Please help them, free them."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video interview with Jamal Iqtish regarding his meeting with UN Health Svcs Director in Amman who confirmed UN aid $ going to Assad regime

Interview with Jamal Iqtish regarding his meeting with UN Health Services Director in Amman who confirmed UN aid $ going to Assad regime.

After an international outcry against the UN funding the Assad regime,  the UN and some of its agencies are now saying that UN Humanitarian Aid to Syria is NOT going to the Assad regime.  These new comments are mere rhetoric meant to distract from the truth.

The UN's plan  - named the Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan for Syria (1 January – 30 June 2013) also referred to as HARP – was created by The Government of Syria, in collaboration with UN agencies.  You can read the plan details on the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs website:  ttp://

According to this plan,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates is the Syrian Government focal point in charge of the supervision of aid distribution.
The  Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the Arab Republic of Syria is (or was) Walid Al MoallemHe denies that his regime is dropping bombs on, illegally kidnapping, torturing and murdering civilians, etc. Here’s an example of his position as demonstrated by his letter to the UN dated 7.19.12. Bear in the mind the war in Syria has been going on for a year and a half at the time he wrote this letter:
As recently as the 23rd of January the UN denied it was giving aid money to the Assad regime.  In an article by Olivia Alabaster in Lebanon’s ‘The Daily Star’, you’ll see the denial. You’ll also note that the article discusses the Syrian Opposition’s petition against the UN. If the UN’s money was going where it was needed – including to Opposition-held areas – there would be no need for this petition. Article here:

I was in Amman, Jordan at the end of January volunteering with Syrian refugees. I met with the Syrian American Medical Society’s (SAMS) Amman Advisory, Jamal Iqtish. The prior afternoon he and other SAMS members met with the UN Health Services Director in Amman. This UN Director is responsible for overseeing distribution in Jordan, Iraq and Syria. He outright stated that UN aid money is given to the Assad regime. Here’s the recorded interview with Jamal Iqtish in Amman:

Jordan's King Abdullah II and Jamal Iqtish

I respectfully request the UN to publish its aid distribution information to the international community. Its plan calls for detailed record keeping so we know its taking place. Please prove us wrong. 

In the interim I ask that you DO NOT donate money to the UN or any of its agencies until such time as the UN can prove it is distributing aid to the most needy in Syrian Opposition-held areas. Do not allow the UN to further fund the perpetrator of this horrific Syrian regime created disaster.

There are a number of terrific non-profits that you can donate to where you can be assured the aid is going to those truly in need. 

The Syrian American Medical Society’s Save Syrian Lives Campaign is a perfect example:

US Journalist James Foley kidnapped in Syria 11.22.12

Press Release: Seeking Information Regarding the Location of Missing Reporter James "Jim" Foley

Seeking Information Regarding the Location of Missing Reporter James "Jim" Foley. 
His Family is Using Social Media Advertising to Seek Information
BOSTON, Mass. - Feb. 5, 2013 - The people of Syria and the surrounding region are asked to come forward and provide information regarding the location of journalist James "Jim" Foley.Today's announcement is part of a comprehensive publicity campaign using traditional media as well as Facebook and Twitter to generate information about Jim's location from the Syrian people and others in the region.
Through social media advertising the Foley family is publicizing their search for Jim and for information about his location. Jim was last seen near Taftanaz, Syria on November 22, 2012 in the Idib region of Syria near Turkey.
The advertising on social media is intended to reach people in the Syrian region who may have information about Jim's location. "Social media has transformed how people communicate and share information," said John Foley, the father of Jim. "Our family believes that someone in Syria knows what happened to Jim, where he is located and we hope that person contacts us."
For more information visit .
Foley Family

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Irbid, Jordan Syrian refugees

Irbid, Jordan. We were in a back room of a tiny three room clinic jam-packed with Syrian refugees. Dr. Albiek was gently and lovingly assessing infants and children. A woman, covered in a black burqa came in with two children. She was talking with the doctor and haltingly said that her husband had been killed and she was alone with 12 children. The burqa didn’t hide her distress. I hugged and held her. She sobbed. Then collected her children, was handed some money discreetly in her hand and she left blending into the solid mass of people.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zakra, Jordan - New Syrian Refugee Camp

Zakra Syrian Refugee Camp should be move-in ready around 2.8.13  It will hold 5 500 people housed in trailers, also known as Caravans. 

It will have 4 schools, a  kitchen for every 50 caravans and the same for the bathroom facilities and has solar power.

Thanks to Rita Zawaideh of Salaam Cultural Museum for the photos and information.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jamal Iqtish 1.31.13 discussing SAMS January Mission & needs

A team of physicians, nurses and humanitarians went to Jordan the week of January 25, 2013 through February 2, 2013 to volunteer with Syrian refugees in Irbid, Zaatari, Amman and the border in collaboration with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). 

Quick recap by Jamal Iqtish, SAMS Advisory in Jordan:

Syrian American Medical Society
P.O.Box 1015 
Canfield, OH 44406
Phone             (866) 809-9039 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (866) 809-9039      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Atlantic Humanitarian Relief
P.O Box 164 
Belchertown, MA 01007

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baba Amr Field Hospital in Jobar overwhelmed

Look at the children -  trapped and suffering with little to no aid after days and days of bombardment. Baba Amr field hospital in Jobar, Homs    Where are you, world? Why does the international community allow this to continue??

Friday, January 25, 2013

SAMS Supplies Fuel to Field Hospitals in Aleppo 1.25.13

During the last two weeks several Aleppo hospitals were shut down completely because of lack of diesel fuel, and many other hospitals are critically low on fuel. The Medical Councils of Aleppo and other affected cities in Syria are crying out for immediate help to provide diesel to the hospitals in Syria.

Aleppo Free Syrian Army Hospital

Recently, after the bombing of a bakery, 70 causalities were rushed to a hospital in Al-Sikari district in Aleppo where Dr. Abdul Azziz, member of the Aleppo Medical Council, reported that 10 people died in Al-Zarzour hospital due to lack of fuel. Dr. Mohammad Abdulrahim, who just returned from Aleppo, also witnessed 8 fatalities including 3 newborns who died shortly after delivery due to hypothermia because of the lack of fuel. In addition Dr. Abdulrahim reported witnessing two patients while in the operating room and one critically ill patient in the ICU died because the hospital ran out of fuel.

Injured child, Aleppo Field Hospital

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) was able to send an emergency supply of diesel which reached Aleppo this week and allowed six hospitals to reopen at full capacity including the operating rooms and dialysis units. SAMS  contacted USAID and other partner organizations in the US requesting funding for Aleppo hospitals and the Aleppo Medical Council so as to purchase Diesel fuel to keep hospitals and medical facilities open and to continue to save lives.

Injured boy, Sha'ar Hospital, Aleppo


Sunrise over Amman, Jordan 1.25.13

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Interview with MSF/Doctors Without Borders Fabrice Weissmannt about Syrian Medical Crisis


Interview with MSF/ Doctors Without Borders Operations Advisor, Fabrice Weissmannt about the medical crisis in Syria.  "He was particularly struck by the breadth of the needs and the lack of international response."

Life of a 4-5 year old child born in prison in Syria - told by a hero dissident

This footage was originally broadcast on November 5, 2012 by Dubai's Channel 10. It depicts an interview with veteran Syrian dissident Michel Kilo. He narrates how, during one of his terms of imprisonment, he met a child who had been born in prison and had never set foot outside his mother's jail cell.!

Translated and subtitled by Syrian4allWorld team.
Original video link: