Saturday, November 17, 2012

Air Canada messed with our schedule!   We were supposed to fly from Hartford, CT to Toronto, from there to Vienna and finally to Amman, Jordan. But our first flight out was delayed by an hour due to a 'broken airplane' ;-)   so we missed our Vienna connection in Toronto. Long story short after much waiting we were booked to Paris, France and will fly out in about six hours to Amman, Jordan arriving about 11:45pm their time this evening. 32 hours of traveling here we come!  It's all good, though. Fortunately we have no absolute schedule in Amman as of yet so we aren't holding up the show.

Our layover in Paris is a total of six hours. But it's a rainy, cold day so we won't venture out of the airport.

Will write more later. Hope you are doing well!


  1. Good luck with the flights! You sure will be tired once you get there, after 36 hours traveling. Hope you don't have any more delays! Doing good here. Work on new jewelry for Christmas!

  2. Hope you made it safe and sound Love! <3

  3. Deenie and Diane - Thanks for writing! you both mean the world to me and it's nice to see you. We are here! We still don't have luggage so will be clothes shopping on Royal Jordanian Airlines today. ;-) <3