Friday, January 25, 2013

SAMS Supplies Fuel to Field Hospitals in Aleppo 1.25.13

During the last two weeks several Aleppo hospitals were shut down completely because of lack of diesel fuel, and many other hospitals are critically low on fuel. The Medical Councils of Aleppo and other affected cities in Syria are crying out for immediate help to provide diesel to the hospitals in Syria.

Aleppo Free Syrian Army Hospital

Recently, after the bombing of a bakery, 70 causalities were rushed to a hospital in Al-Sikari district in Aleppo where Dr. Abdul Azziz, member of the Aleppo Medical Council, reported that 10 people died in Al-Zarzour hospital due to lack of fuel. Dr. Mohammad Abdulrahim, who just returned from Aleppo, also witnessed 8 fatalities including 3 newborns who died shortly after delivery due to hypothermia because of the lack of fuel. In addition Dr. Abdulrahim reported witnessing two patients while in the operating room and one critically ill patient in the ICU died because the hospital ran out of fuel.

Injured child, Aleppo Field Hospital

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) was able to send an emergency supply of diesel which reached Aleppo this week and allowed six hospitals to reopen at full capacity including the operating rooms and dialysis units. SAMS  contacted USAID and other partner organizations in the US requesting funding for Aleppo hospitals and the Aleppo Medical Council so as to purchase Diesel fuel to keep hospitals and medical facilities open and to continue to save lives.

Injured boy, Sha'ar Hospital, Aleppo


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