Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recently released Khitam Benyan talks of horrors in Assad regime prison

"22 days have passed after my release from detention and I feel so hysterical, questions never stop in my mind, memories of the people I met in prison never leave me..Everyone is telling me you will forget and you will adapt, but no I shall never forget what I saw inside those horrible prisons of the regime.

I shall never forget ( Um Tayim a 25 woman) who was called for the captain’s office at midnight to return back in a total shock after being brutally raped twice. I shall never ever forget the tears on her face nor her calling Allah to help her.

I shall never forget ( Muna Al Wadi)’s face when they told her she is going to be executed tomorrow at 10 o’clock.
I shall never forget the voice of (Ala’a Kayyal) the 20 years old girl, when she asked me to check her back after coming from a torture session.

I shall never ever forget the shivering nor the trembling of ( Elham) when she had an epileptic seizure, and the guards mocking her and accusing her of performing a role.

I shall never forget ( Thana’a Al Hasan) a 45 years old woman when she had a stroke and she couldn’t breathe, we called the guards and we screamed hardly but no one responded, I shall never ever in my life forget her tears going down like a river crying for her children and because she was dying without being able to see them.
Tell me, how can I ever forget those people and lead a normal life while most of them are still in the dark cells..Their faces, their pain and their screams are haunting me..

They are alive but in fact they are not..Please help them, free them."

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