Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Syria and the 4 Geneva Conventions

There were 4 Geneva Conventions - the set of universally ratified "rules of war" governing the conduct of armed forces and protecting non-combatants- the results of which the world powers agreed to abide by in times of war. 

Who is to enforce the rulings to be sure warring parties are abiding by these Conventions???

The Red Cross in July of 2011 declared the obvious: that Syria is engaged in a civil war. This declaration was imperative because that statement proved the crossing of an international legal threshold and the Syrian regime (and all others) would now be held to the Geneva Conventions.

We all know THERE IS NO international body in Syria monitoring events, assuring that civilians are protected and that medical facilities and personnel are protected. We know the Syrian regime is actively and consciously targeting civilians, children, that 50% of the countries hospitals have been destroyed effectively destroying the medical infrastructure of a COUNTRY, etc. I could go on and on. 

The United Nations, the Arab League, the International Red Cross, and the super powers of the world are complicit in what is happening in Syria for all sit by, watch and are not stopping the horrors that are occurring. I continue to be heartbroken, to plead that something be done, and do my entirely small almost immeasurable part in trying to alleviate suffering. 


Photo courtesy of Mohamad Ojjeh. Taken July 2013, Camp Zeitouna, Refugee Camp, Atmeh, Syria

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