Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Syrian Revolution and Mother Justice

One man declares that a freedom fighter is a terrorist and look at the hell it creates. Nelson Mandela is an example. I can not imagine spending 27 years in jail for my beliefs. But he did – over a third of his life. He was on a ‘terror’ watch list for years. Yet he became the father of an era free of apartheid and the President of the very country for which he worked as a freedom fighter tirelessly and a great cost.

When a man (or men) in a state of denial uses words to decry something right as wrong, Mother Justice eventually steps in and sets all straight.

There are similarities in Syria. Innocent non-violent protestors were fired upon, raped, tortured and imprisoned and the hell continues – affecting so many innocents. Freedom fighters have been labeled as terrorist by their psychopathic genocidal leader. Be assured that Mother Justice’s wheels are turning and all will be set straight in her time.

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