Sunday, November 24, 2013

Assad thugs DETAIN & TORTURE INFANT & CHILDREN from Daraa!!

Ramtha clinic – SCM Medical Mission – November 2013

I'm just back from volunteering with Syrian refugees in Jordan in collaboration with SCM's Medical Missions. I'll be sharing stories and photos. Here's the first and most horrible. 

Words don't come easy when listening to experiences like the one I'm going to share. You'd think it would get easier but it doesn't. My heart literally stopped beating for a few seconds as I was listening to Dr. Hamed Albiek translate the story this mother was telling us...I swear my heart stopped beating.

A Mom and her three children from Daraa, Syria - two boys ages 4 and 7 and an infant - came into the clinic in Ramtha.

Her husband is in the FSA (Free Syrian Army) fighting the brutal Assad regime. In order to find his whereabouts (as if the Mom would know EXACTLY where her husband was fighting) the Assad regime ARRESTED CHILDREN - her two week old infant, and her two other sons, as well as her mother-in-law and her sister-in-laws. You read that right.

The two boys were tortured and the Mom showed us scars on the back of the neck of the middle son from cigarettes the soldiers used the burn them. Unbelievably still, Assad’s thugs put heroin in the infant’s formula. 

The three children were imprisoned for three months. Mom went to the UN and other organizations in an effort to get help getting her family back - especially her children. She got the attention of Al Arabiyaa TV who interviewed her. With that and the help of the UN she got her children released on the condition that she leave Syria. But her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are still imprisoned. Prayers for their safety for I can not imagine the horrors that likely are being visited upon them.

The two older brothers are now understandably acting out. The older brother accidentally punctured the left eye of the younger brother with a Sharpie while they were fighting. This amazingly strong woman - who took on the Assad regime to get her kids back and was successfully in doing so - was now looking for psychological support for her tortured children. Thanks to SCM's Medical Missions they will get it.

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